B i o g r a p h y
Gamil Gabra self-portrait in oil

Here I'm 12 year's old

In the 1940s I discovered my love for art while in a Cairo orphanage. My mother at that time was unable to take care of me. She fetch me back to Cairo for attending secondary school which I followed by working my way through the Egyptian academy of art (5 years). I tried out for a new national folk dance group of expression. My love for art and dance continued through school and a later job with the Ministry of Tourism.
Here are some pamphlets that I did for Ministry of Tourism, in Cairo.
When I was in Egypt I had three jobs. In the morning I was working at the Ministry of Tourism, in the afternoons as designer and in the night as a professional dancer in the national group. All this energy and capacity is the key element for developing and starting something new in a new country. Sweden!

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