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Gamil Gabra self-portrait in oil

Gamil's world of art

I do a lot of different things but I paint what makes me happy! And people realize it with their own eyes.
During my life I always dedicate myself to art and to continue my artistic development.
I am able to change technique and in dependence of the subject I have to feel what colors and technique and forms I have to use to express my artistic feelings. I became professional artist with all the techniques as: oil painting, water colors and gouache, pencil drawing and lithography.
I like to paint people because I believe that people are the best subject, moods feeling and characters are what I am interested in.
It's amazing how much the eye sees and the mind retains. An artist always relies on his memory bank as he prints.
Through perhaps unconsciously but the eye tends to be lazy and must be trained to see. It is possible to look without seeing. You have to look everything with the painter's eyes.
Through the years I found my art and my colors. I express myself through particular compositions and light-games, through the use of explosive colors and particular motives.

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