B i o g r a p h y
Gamil Gabra self-portrait in oil

My Gratitude

I want to thank the Egyptian academy in Cairo for my studies; the Ministry of Tourism for the chance given by the many projects and the Ministry of Culture for the opportunity to dance in the national group.
Thanks to Lars Eric Uneståhs for all the help in Cairo and in Sweden. Especially for the chance given to do the illustrations in the anatomy book of Rolf Wirhed ("Anatomi och rörelselåra inom idrotten").
Moreover I would like to thank Anders Nodvall for providing me the first studio in Sweden. Bodel Långberg (study-consultant) for helping me in my teaching carrier. Mrs. And Mr. Shull for the opportunity to go to USA, to make great experiences and learn new techniques (RBI).
My thanks go also to Claes Wolter, Solveig and Åke Sundequist for all the help given for my artistic carrier.
At last also to Björn Habinet, police detective in Uppsala, for all the help received during all this years.
Thanks to all the people for the many galleries in Uppsala and in Fjällbacka that made me known in Sweden.
I would like to thank also SEB, Skanska and HSB for their appreciation they have for my work.
Thanks to all the Swedish people that loves my art!
A final special thank goes to my daughter Anna Maria Gabra.