B i o g r a p h y
Gamil Gabra self-portrait in oil

The return to Sweden
Here I am in Fjällbacka.

When I came back from the USA, a drama was waiting on my door. My wife did not understand what I was doing and she did not except me without any second chance. I had at that time my daughter at only 1 year of life. I love her very much and after the divorce I offered all my love and energy to her. This is why I could not go back to USA to continue my visiting. From that moment my world was only my daughter and painting.
After making illustrations for an anatomy book, in 1986 I finally started to work with graphic and lithography. With this new technique I focused on the historical academics view of the town for my new subjects. I love the art hold in those sites, and people is fascinated by the tradition that those subjects express.
During the years of teaching on summer times I was going on the west coast to get new inspiration from the seaside, and every year I made several exhibition there. In my 8 years in Fjällbacka I was known by all the people that were coming from all around Sweden and all Scandinavia. To them goes my thank for all the appreciation. Through the artistic expression of my work I could get to know a lot of different people which took me around with boots so to find very rare point of nature which became captured in my sketch book.
"By sitting on cliffs I was sketching on my block the nature captured by my eye. Back to the studio then I was giving a life to colors and form.

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